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Mitra Anugrah Engineering (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

PT. Mitra Anugerah Enginering is a company established since 2010 is an experienced and integrated company engaged in service and sales for parts & unit machines in the Palm Oil Mill, especially in the Press Station & Clarification Station and Kernel Station.
The purpose of its establishment is to focus on the sale of engine units along with spare parts and after sales sevice:
 - Digester
 - Screw Press
 - Ripple Mill
 - Cyclone Sand
 - Rotary Brush Strainer
 - Slge Centrifuge
 - Cavuum Oil Drier
 - Fan & heater
 - Pump & parts
 - Calve
Our hope is that the customer's need to get a unit or part becomes easier, quality and satisfying. We are fully dedicated to becoming a company that is oriented towards the quality of work and strives to be a quick solution to various problems, especially those related to agro-industry.


Menjadi perusahaan yang unggul, terpercaya dan semakin tumbuh.


Mewujudkan kepuasan konsumen terhadap produk yang berkualitas melalui keunggulan inovasi, sistem managemen dan sumber daya manusia mengupayakan efisiensi waktu dan biaya, serta dipercaya konsumen dan mitra kerja dengan menjunjung tinggi kejujuran, tanggung jawab dan disipli demi upaya memenuhi target konsumen.


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